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March 19 2013
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This fansite is merging with Taylor-Lautner.Com
This site will be left online as an archive, but go to taylor-lautner.com for your latest taylor lautner news from now on

December 29 2011
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Sorry things have been a little crazy for us! Not sure what direction we will be taking the website in at this point. If you need to contact us, twitter or email would be most suitable!

We’re sorry about all the ads, looked like our old host sold the domain and the new host requires a ton of them. We’ll see what we can do about that. Thanks for your support!

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Dylan & Chantae

November 22 2011
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First of all, we wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving if we do not get to doing so this Thursday. We also just wanted to sincerely apologize to you all! We have definitely been insanely busy as we are both college students who are working jobs. However, with this break for the rest of the week and then the Winter Holidays we will for sure be catching up on everything and reconnecting with everyone! Thank you to those who have come back even during our hiatus we appreciate each and everyone of you! Stay tuned for a Winter Holiday Giveaway, still being planned! Stay tuned!

Dylan & Chantae

October 02 2011
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Source: MagicFM

October 01 2011
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In this video Taylor says as always that he would date a fan. When asked if “AB-duction” was made because of his gorgeous abs Taylor stated “AB-solutely not!” Love it! You can check out the video below.

October 01 2011
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September 30, 2011

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September 29, 2011

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September 27, 2011

October 01 2011
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October 01 2011
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Taylor Lautner tested his mechanical bull riding skills against Jimmy Fallon and could only tie the talk show host for endurance. And the “Twilight” hottie wants to be an action hero? Better call in a stunt double. Although Taylor looked damn hot in his tight black v-neck shirt and black jeans, he was tossed from the bull in 35 seconds — the same time as Fallon.

Lautner, 19, was appearing on Fallon’s talk show to promote his latest movie, “Abduction,” which is about espionage and intrigue. While no bulls or bull riding appear in the film, Fallon had the bright idea to host a mechanical bull contest. “We’re going to have a bull-riding competition,” the host announced. “There’s no reason for it, but we thought it would be a fun thing to try.”

Taylor confessed that he’d never been on a mechanical bull and nervously asked: “Is there a technique to this?” After Fallon was tossed, Lautner mounted the bull with a ten-gallon size cowboy hat on his head. He rode the bull as it rotated back and forth, threw off his hat and waved has arm in the air. But as the bull picked up momentum, he quickly grabbed it with two hands before sliding off and falling on a well-cushioned area.

Source: Jimmy Fallon

October 01 2011
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Taylor Lautner is risen to the accolade of ‘Hollywood megastar’ after playing Jacob in the Twilight franchise and subsequently rocking to stardom.

The good news for Twihards is that there are still two more movies to look forward to but in the meantime Taylor has been a very busy man and has somehow found time to make this new movie, Abduction with Lionsgate which is out in UK cinemas now.

We got to catch up with him in a very swanky hotel in London earlier in the week and the interview is embedded below.
In the interview, we talk about how Taylor has adapted to becoming a leading man after working so closely with such a huge cast in the Twilight movies, we talk stunts and how they were carried out, how certain scenes in the movie were shot and we get a little insight into what you can expect when you go and see Abduction at the cinema.

Source: HeyUGuys

October 01 2011
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Taylor Lautner just learned that you’re sometimes called upon to do the most random and potentially embarrassing things while on a publicity tour. The “Twilight” star is in Spain to promote his new action thriller, “Abduction,” and his spot on a Spanish talk show turned into an impromptu singing session with the guitar-playing host.

Lautner looks endearingly terrified as he shows off some not-bad pipes as he croons to the tune of Heroes de Silencio’s “La Lluna Lllena Sobre Paris,” much to the delight of the squealing audience. He’s a good sport, that Taylor. Could the recording of an entire album of Spanish songs be far behind?


Tara continued to express what her experience was like waiting for one of Hollywood’s biggest stars; “Not long after I had finished talking to Lily I began to hear shrill screaming and when I turned to see the crowd of fans outside shrieking hysterically, some even crying, I knew that Taylor Lautner had arrived! At this point I do confess to becoming a little nervous and the constant shrill from outside did put me on edge a little; but somehow I managed to calm myself enough to just repeat my questions in my head. I waited for him to sign autographs and take pictures outside before I got the opportunity to talk to him, and much like my interview with his co-star my anxieties and nerves quickly faded. He too was very friendly and I quickly relaxed; I managed to squeeze in three questions before he was moved on to another interviewer!”

If you’d like to be apart of the FILMCLUB, visit FILMCLUB.ORG for more details!

PopSugar reports Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins reunite at the “Abduction” premiere in London.


September 28 2011
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First off, just want to apologize for the lack of updates lately! We are very busy both being full time students, and both working a job! Bare with us!
Anyway, we know everyone loves to look at Taylor, so there are updates from his recent appearances!

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